JohannaSoft's .NET DLL Library for Taking desktop ScreenShots

JohannaSoft's .NET DLL Library for Taking desktop ScreenShots is a realy simple to use .NET Dll to taken desktop screenshots.

It can be emmebed in your developments with ease.

There is a Demo Desktop Application that comes with source code.

Main feaures:
  • Really simple to use assembly / Dll / library
  • Compatible with .NET Framework 4.0 and Higher
  • Supports capture in BMP,PNG,TIFF,GIF and JPEG as capture formats
  • Supports screenshots from a given screen, if you have multiple scenn layout
  • JPEG compression level can be set
  • Width / Height for the captures can be set
  • Automatically fix aspect ratios according to desired capture resolution
  • Free to use, no restrictions

How to use it.

You need .NET Framework 4 or higher and a IDE. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community is a really good choice.

The namespace :

The class :
   DesktopSreenShotImpl screen_shot = new DesktopSreenShotImpl();

Interesting Properties :

    Set the Output you want to  use.
        screen_shot.OutputAsBMP = true;

    Using a Screnn object set the screen source for the screenshot. For example:
        Screen selected_Screen = Screen.PrimaryScreen;

    Set screenshot resolution.
        screen_shot.ScreenShotWidth = 1024;
        screen_shot.ScreenShotHeight = 768

Take the screenshot, setting the output path.
        screen_shot.TakeScreenShot(selected_Screen, "sc_as_bmp.bmp");

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